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Check the Terminal Connections If the Dash Lights Up

Life is good but then your dashboard instrument panel lights up like a Christmas tree. You painstakingly review the symbols from the owner’s manual and corresponding OBD-II codes.

Now that you are up to speed on the on-board diagnostic system, it would seem that the air flow sensor, O2 sensor, electric load detector, alternator FR circuit, evaporative emission control system have all up and decided to stop working.

Or maybe it is a much simpler fix. For example, in some Honda Civics, a bad terminal or a poor connection in part of the under-dash fuse/relay box could result in all of the above diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) setting.

To easily resolve all that, ensure the terminal is properly plugged in or replace it if there is any damage. The HDS (Honda Diagnostic System) can be reset to clear that array of DTCs.

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