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As automotive technology continues to evolve, many manufacturers are trying to capitalize on the demands of consumers to stay connected wherever they are. As vehicles become more sophisticated technologically, there is a growing debate about the possibilities of potential hacking of key components versus the issues of driver safety and emergency communications.

As with any internet connection, whether in someone’s bedroom or in their vehicle, there is always the risk of having an account compromised by hackers gaining unauthorized entry. While some experts say the risk of this is very low, others have concerns about the possibility of car’s computerized systems being hacked into and control of the vehicle being taken away from the driver. There are also concerns expressed about people’s internet accounts being hacked into through the phones and laptops that are able to be connected while in the car. Again, some experts worry about this, while others say the risk of this happening is no greater in a car than in a person’s home. They argue as long as the person is using standard virus protection software and other safety procedures, being connected in the car will be no problem for most drivers.

On the flip side, automotive technology now allows for drivers to have access to emergency communication as well as safer driving features such as GPS, rear-cam technology and sensors able to detect children and animals around the car. Again, there are those who worry about emergency communications networks being compromised by hackers, or drivers being thrown off their routes by those hacking into GPS systems. However, the ability to have emergency communication at one’s fingertips while on the road is a feature most drivers love having, and they have very little worry about the systems being compromised.

While both sides of the debate bring up interesting points, having a connected car in today’s world is something most drivers do not consider a luxury, but rather a necessity. Today’s world, whether at home or on the road, has become one where people expect instant connections with anyone they wish at anytime. Most people are very willing to sacrifice certain safety aspects in order to stay connected wherever they are. As drivers continue to spend more and more time in their cars commuting to work and chauffeuring kids around town, the desire to stay connected is one that will stir strong debate about convenience versus safety.

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