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The Right to Repair Act requires auto manufacturers to supply all repair shops with vital service data. In states and countries that have not enacted this law, automakers only provide the information to dealerships that sell new cars. This makes it very difficult for small service stations to identify and fix complex problems.The RRA is currently in effect in the European Union and the state of Massachusetts. It orders automakers to give repair shops the codes they need to access computerized diagnostic systems. They must also provide other service information that helps mechanics perform successful repairs.The National Federation of Independent Business, the AAA, various auto part suppliers and many car repair shops back the Right to Repair Act. Supporters want it to become law throughout North America. This legislation should not be confused with the Right to Repair Act in Georgia; it regulates home repairs performed by contractors.

The RRA affects many types of businesses and individuals. It gives small repair shops a better ability to compete with dealerships. call YHS now to book your auto repair appointmentLimited access to diagnostic data currently renders them unable to perform millions of repairs. The law also helps aftermarket part suppliers that sell products to independent shops.

The Right to Repair Act offers great benefits for vehicle owners as well. It eliminates the need to visit a dealer for complex car repairs. This allows drivers to save time and money by using the nearest service station. However, the act remains controversial because of its negative impact on auto dealerships.

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