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Hybrid Cars – A Rundown

Fuel efficiency is the benefit of hybrids. They use gasoline just like most other vehicles, but the electrical assistance saves consumers money in fuel costs. Hybrid cars also reduce pollutants in the environment.For consumers who aim to spend as little at the dealer as possible, buying a hybrid won’t be their best choice. Dedicated car enthusiasts will find that the choices of hybrids that are fun to drive tend to be a bit thin.

To help hybrid car buyers make an informed decision, here are the top rated hybrid cars that deliver the best gas mileage and performance.

  1. Ford C-Max Hybrid

    The Ford C-Max Hybrid’s electric and gasoline power train delivers superior fuel economy and decent power. The suspension allows for a comfortable driving experience. The voice command works well with music selection and phone calls. Additionally, the automatic parking feature is fantastic.

  2. Ford Fusion Hybrid

    Although it did fall short in some EPA ratings, the Ford Fusion’s fuel economy is one of the best among hybrid cars. The sync voice command allows the driver control over personal electronics. The driver assistance features are akin to more expensive cars.

  3. Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

    The Volkswagen Jetta delivers fuel economy in the mid 40 mpg range, which makes it an excellent money saving hybrid car. Another added bonus to this hybrid vehicle is the superior audio system.

  4. Chevrolet Malibu Eco

    The Chevrolet’s MyLink system delivers Pandora Internet radio, Bluetooth audio, Stitcher and USB iPod connectivity to the dashboard of the Chevrolet Malibu Eco. The Pioneer audio system features good staging and power. The standard OnStar system adds safety and convenience. This car is a good highway cruiser, but the hybrid system falls short on delivering a good fuel economy.

  5. Chevrolet Volt

    The Volt hybrid features a flexible power train. This offers the best of gasoline power range and electric efficiency. Power delivery is both seamless and effortless. This car offers a myriad of standard cabin technology options and an excellent audio system.

  6. Toyota Prius C

    The hybrid power train on this car easily achieves a fuel economy of better than 50 miles per gallon. The Entune system allows for access to online searches, weather and gas prices.

  7. oyota Prius V

    The Prius V averages more than 40 miles per gallon. The large cabin includes Entune, which gives it an excellent application integration. It’s an excellent choice for families, and the new electronics gives this car a modern edge.

  8. Toyota Prius Plug-In

    The Prius Plug-In delivers stellar fuel economy and has the capability to further efficiency by being plugged in. The Entune system offers live destination searches, Pandora streaming and traffic data.

  9. Lexus CT 200h

    This Lexus hybrid is practical. It offers excellent fuel economy, and the information and entertainment features includes data such as gas prices and weather. The luxury that Lexus offers ensures the ride will be smooth.

  10. Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE

    The voice command in this car supports name dialing with the phone system. Data services such as fuel prices, traffic and weather are received through satellite radio. The fuel economy is great for a vehicle of this size.

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